Your business needs a secure, robust, and fast network to survive. Without it, your data is exposed to cyberattacks, your employees can’t work as effectively, and your customers have a less enjoyable user experience. With so much at stake, it’s vital to regularly check your Cisco network’s security is up to scratch. Cloud Technologies network security audit ensures that your defences are up to the task of protecting your UAE business. We preemptively uncover weak spots within your network before recommending and implementing an action plan to mitigate and resolve them.


Proactive network security audit

Cloud Technologies audits proactively protect your business before it’s too late. You also enjoy: 

We work to identify weak spots within your network and make expert recommendations to remedy them, tailored to your business and budget. We then deliver a collaborative step-by-step action plan designed to bolster your defences and protect your business.

We strongly recommend that you undertake a security audit at least once per year, performed by a professional independent third party with the necessary knowledge and perspective to view your systems critically. Additional audits may be suitable for those businesses who have recently changed the fundamentals of the functionality or security of any element of their network.

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If you’re looking for a more comprehensive audit in Dubai or any other emirate that reviews the security of your networks, systems, data, operations, and physical elements, explore our wider cybersecurity audit today.