Email is the primary communication tool across UAE businesses, with the majority of users within a business having their own mailbox. Of these, some may also have access to shared mailboxes. Yet what happens if a user accidentally deletes an email or a folder that they later realise they really did need? If you’re lucky, it may be retrievable from deleted items, but once these are cleared or a certain time has passed, the data is lost. Worse still, some users may maliciously delete emails when leaving a business, leaving their teams struggling to find the information they need.

Does your business have a backup plan for if these happen?


Exchange Online Backup Secures Your UAE Based Company Data

The best way to prevent data loss is through backing up Exchange Online. This enables your business to restore previously deleted or lost email content to the original mailbox, a new specified mailbox, or even a PST file. Better still, the restoration can occur discreetly if needed, avoiding any awkward conversations.

Cloud Technologies recognises that backups are of the utmost importance. Exchange Online is no different. That’s why we offer a cloud-based backup solution perfectly tailored to your needs. Available not just for Exchange Online but also for OneDrive, SharePoint, and Teams, our solution also comes with inbuilt functionality to configure backup policies to meet your business’ requirements. You can customise backup frequencies and retentions to protect your data while setting clearance policies to ensure constant alignment with your current retention policy. What’s more, our Email Reporting provides you with a simple, easy-to-understand status of all users and shared mailboxes to highlight any failed backups. With this one product, you can truly protect your Dubai business and users, delivering reduction to management times and enhancements to productivity.