Did you know that 40% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) never back up their data?

Out of the remaining 60% of businesses that do implement a backup solution, in many of these cases, the backup leaves a lot to be desired. 40-50% of these businesses’ backups are not fully recoverable due to continuous failing, an absence of appropriate monitoring leading to issues not being identified, and a lack of Disaster Recovery (DR) testing.

In today’s world, many businesses are dependent on their on-premise servers. In the event of a server failure or ransomware encryption, these businesses are vulnerable to losing their precious data.


The Perfect On-prem backup solution

Luckily, Cloud Technologies cloud-based on-prem backup solution is here to help your Emirates business escape being part of the percentage that is exposed to data loss. We can help you back up all the necessary on-premise physical servers, virtual machines (including VMWare and Hyper-V), and any other services that you require, including File Server Daa, MS SQL Databases, Oracle, and NAS.

With great functionality and an easy-to-use web interface, our solution comes complete with a full overview dashboard. Here, you can quickly visualise statistics about your backups including total backup size, storage growth, utilisation, all of your named configured servers and their connection statuses, and any assigned backup policies. To give you full oversight, you can also visit a summary displaying the status of your backups in order to identify common paint points through a failure log. Designed for simplicity, this log not only troubleshoots but also facilitates auditing.

In addition to all of this, our flexibility on restoration is what makes our on-prem backup solution truly game changing. Controlled directly from the cloud portal, you can choose to restore data from any given date, from any file, folder, or server, to the original location or to an entirely new location. This means the power of data restoration is in your hands.

As always, Cloud Technologies offers a completely custom backup policy to adhere to any of your specific UAE business needs. Backup frequency, windows, dates, starts times, and maximum bandwidth usage will all be tailored to run seamlessly to support your business.

 Please contact us for more information or to receive a demo of this service.