Over 250,000 businesses use SharePoint online. Often, these businesses assume that Microsoft services’ resilience with replication between data centres, alongside their 99% uptime within their Service Level Agreement, translate to little-to-no downtime or outages. Yet despite SharePoint’s ‘Recycle Bin’ with its 93 days retention policy and versioning, Microsoft does not provide secure SharePoint backup of your data. Unfortunately, for many UAE businesses, this means that when data is lost, it is unrecoverable.


Why does SharePoint backup matter?

Without a secure backup solution, files stored in SharePoint and OneDrive are vulnerable to ransomware attacks, human error, and data corruption. Data may simply disappear; users may be denied access to files; in some circumstances, ransom payments for a decryption key must be paid to recover the files.

Data is an imperative for most companies. Disruption to its access or storage can be incredibly costly for a business’ productivity, profitability, and reputation. With that in mind, securely backing up your data should be a priority for every business whether located in Dubai, the UAE or anywhere in the world.

Cloud Backup Solution

Having a cloud backup solution in place provides an additional level of protection in case the scenarios imagined above strike. With a sufficient retention policy and a successful previous backup to restore from, such a solution provides your business with additional shielding from the threat of data loss.

Fortunately, the UAE based Cloud Technologies provides a cloud-based SharePoint backup alternative. Covering the suite of Microsoft Office 365 products including OneDrive, Exchange Online, Teams, and SharePoint, the backup can be configured to your business requirements. For some, this may mean automatically recognising and safeguarding new sites, avoiding the hassle of manually adding them to the backup solution. For others, it may mean customisable backup frequency, choosing between daily, weekly, or monthly backup retentions, or excluding certain file types and extensions. The heightened level of control combined with the extra security helps to protect you from malicious hackers or simple mistakes, so your business can thrive safely.