A leader in communication and collaboration tools, Microsoft Teams is known in businesses across the world. Providing stand out features including:

  • Teams and channels
  • Document storage, both within chats and in behind-the-scenes SharePoint libraries
  • Online audio and video calling and conferences
  • Easy messaging service
  • Automatic adding of users to Teams based on requirements
  • Screen Sharing
  • 3rd party collaboration
  • Archiving

Microsoft Teams Backup

It’s easy to see why Microsoft Teams has become an essential tool for many UAE businesses, departments, and projects. Yet its quick rise to stardom has meant that many have not been able to keep pace with the need to back up Teams data for constant accessibility. Coupled with the fact that Microsoft do not back up Office 365 by default, many businesses are falling behind.

The good news is that Cloud Technologies can get you back up to speed with our cloud-based backup solution. Secure, scalable, and easy-to-use, it’s designed to fit perfectly alongside Microsoft Teams. If in any circumstance you lose your Microsoft Teams, our backup can restore not just the conversations, history, file data and tabs, but also the metadata behind the scenes. This means that any settings such as allocated members, permissions, discovery, or ‘fun’ settings are preserved, saving you the time it would take to painstakingly recreate them in the event of a loss. Finally, our cloud-based solution comes with email reporting of backups and the inbuilt functionality to detect automatically the creation of new teams, meaning your business, no matter if located in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, is covered from all angles.

Even better, our Microsoft Teams backup comes as a standard element of our Microsoft Office 365 Cloud-based backup. You can enjoy all the benefits of an efficient Microsoft Teams backup alongside Exchange Online, SharePoint, and OneDrive backups from just one product at a better-value cost.