In the past, many businesses ran their IT infrastructure from their own hardware. Yet as technology has evolved and internet speeds have improved, the flexibility of instantly scalable infrastructures (without the upfront costs of ownership and maintaining) is becoming more and more appealing.

Should my UAE business move to the cloud?

Many questions whether an on-premises or cloud-based solution would be better suited to their needs. The truth is that this is a question only you can answer depending on your current situation.

That being said, if you are ready to start using the cloud, Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s very own public cloud platform and can be the perfect place to start.


What does Azure hosting offer?

A main attraction of the Microsoft Azure is its internationality. Offering services across 60+ regions worldwide and available in 140 countries, Microsoft Azure is ideal for those businesses facing the requirement to preserve data residency within certain boundaries.

What’s more, it also provides data redundancy options for critical data. These enable you to keep your data protected and available in the face of planned or unplanned events, minimising the risk of failures. This comes alongside a variety of options on how your data is replicated in the face of any such failure, including whether your data should be replicated to a secondary location / region and the distance of the secondary location or region from your primary. In this way, you can ensure that your data is being looked after to your desired level of comfort.

Of course, Microsoft Azure is primarily used for:

Are there any prerequisites to Azure Hosting?

The two key prerequisites to be aware of are:

  1. Microsoft Azure Tenant is required as the place to manage users, groups, and permissions. It must also be used to host and run services delivered by Microsoft Azure.
  2. Microsoft Azure Subscription is similarly required when using Azure resources. This includes Virtual Machines, databases, web applications, virtual networks, or storage.

Ready to start?

Cloud Technologies Azure hosting services are on hand to deliver the right solution for your company no matter if your business is based in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, to get the most out of Azure.