The rapid rise of remote and hybrid working has heralded in a new ‘business as usual’ for many. With it has come the need to impose more advanced controlled access across key business areas to secure infrastructure. These enhanced restrictions include trusted devices, trusted and untrusted networks, user access to company resources, applications, and files, and requiring Multi-factor Authentication on services.

Microsoft Azure’s Conditional Access can provide a simple answer to the need for more control. It allows the creation of various policies in order to configure and control what resources specific users and devices have access to, providing an additional layer of security applied with each successful logon attempt.


Supported on Windows Devices, Android, iOS, and macOS, conditional access also provides built in monitoring. This allows for a complete overview of when, where, and how a user signed in, including the date, time, location, IP address, the type of device and operating system used, and even which applications were accessed. This monitoring also reports whether the established connection was successfully authenticated or not and which policies were applied to the user, facilitating troubleshooting.

Commonly Applied Conditional Access Policies

Some of the most common conditional access policies include:

Prerequisites for conditional access

How can Cloud Technologies help?

We implement Conditional Access for many UAE businesses, tailoring the set-up to the business’ unique requirements each time. To improve the security on your infrastructure with a Conditional Access solution, please get in contact. Our team, providing services in Dubai and throughout the UAE, will be happy to assist.