Lighten the load on your IT department with Microsoft Autopilot. With the tool offering set up and pre-configuration for new devices, you can get your workstations ready for use without a physical IT presence. Instead, devices can be procured from your chosen supplier and shipper straight to user with IT never even needing to see the device. This is useful not least for its efficiency, but also for the consistency of the setup, the centralised management it offers, and its ability to be implemented across both new and existing devices.


How does Autopilot work?

All workstations have unique IDs. When you purchase a new device, you can request this be provided by the supplier, which can then be configured and enrolled via Autopilot. Once added to Autopilot, the workstation ID is assigned a profile. One business can opt for multiple profiles depending on business need; as just one example, different regions may wish to have different languages and keyboards pre-configured.

Once selected, this profile will spring into action as soon as the workstation is powered on and connected to the internet for the first time. It automatically checks in to the Microsoft Autopilot’s platform with the device’s unique ID, redirects set-up to the pre-selected profile, and voila!

All pre-configurations needed by Windows are automatically applied. This can include hostname, user account type, language, region, and keyboard. You can even determine how the device will be joined to your domain, including via Azure AD; Cloud-only without an on-premises Windows Server Active Directory; Hybrid Azure AD; or an on-premises Active Directory.

Remember, Microsoft Autopilot only handles workstation configuration. To configure business policies and security settings and to deploy software, you will have to use Microsoft Intune. Luckily, having the device enrolled means it is ready for that!

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