Many users complain about the inconvenience of updates and maintenance windows. Meanwhile, Update Management is often viewed as a time-consuming, tedious, and expensive task that can introduce an array of new issues. But what happens if we consistently delay necessary updates?

Updates are a key component of security. They improve the stability and continuous running of infrastructure: without them, your UAE business could become at risk and exposed to threats. In truth, the consequences of an attack heavily outweigh the mild inconvenience a user faces.

As for Update Management, a correct solution can make all the difference to transform this irritation into an efficient and simple task.


Windows Updates for Business

A cloud-based Windows Update service, Windows Update for Business enables IT administrators to keep Windows’ client devices within the business updated with the latest security defences, Windows features, and builds.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions such as Microsoft Intune can be used to configure settings controlling how and when devices are updated.

If you’re looking to implement Windows Update for Business, our team can help you set up smoothly and efficiently.

Seeking a Fully Managed Updates Service by Cloud Technologies?

For those seeking a fully managed updates service to improve business security and reliability, we offer a complete service in Dubai and throughout the UAE. Available monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, please contact us for more information!