In today’s world, many businesses use a wide range of technologies, equipment, and services. Yet the majority often overlook the importance of regularly reviewing the infrastructure supporting these to maintain safety and security. A periodical Cybersecurity Audit proactively protects your network. Prevention is better than cure, and regular audits provide peace of mind that your UAE business could survive a cybersecurity attack.

You may be considering an audit to test your defence systems or internally review your policies. Similarly, you may wish to comply with your insurance if it is up for renewal or with industry legislations or regulations. Some businesses may even be responding to a breach.


Whatever the reason, a cybersecurity audit reduces risk to your business by identifying vulnerabilities before an attacker can. From this, a cohesive plan of action can be created and executed to mitigate the risks identified. This bolsters confidence that your business is safe from a cybersecurity attack and the potential ramifications of a data breach, which can include significant financial damage, a crash in consumer confidence, and weakened relationships with stakeholders.

How often should I conduct an audit?

On average, we recommend a Cybersecurity Audit should take place at least once a year by an independent third party. More frequent audits may be advantageous depending on the type of business you run in Dubai or any other emirate, and whether new core hardware or technologies have been recently implemented or have fundamentally changed, as these may expose your infrastructure.

Why should I choose Cloud Technologies Cybersecurity Audit?

We review not only the infrastructure but also software and devices while evaluating the deployment of all three. This comprehensive cybersecurity audit is designed to identify and reveal vulnerabilities in your security, whether it be hidden within systems, networks, data, operations, or physical securities.

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