If you run a business within the UAE or GCC region, you’ve likely heard the term Data Centre. But what does it actually mean?

A data centre is a building facility that has been designed with the purpose of centralising a business’ IT operations. They provide storing, cloud and virtualised computing and processing of data. Furthermore, they house core pieces of hardware used by many businesses, including Firewalls, Routers, Switches and Load Balancers to name a few, as well as Servers, Telephone equipment and data storage solutions – both Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SANs). Within a designated location at each Data Centre is an area specifically for your business which is known as a Rack.

Level Up Your IT

Many organisations in the UAE, including banks, governmental agencies, educational bodies, and financial institutions, will facilitate their IT needs from within a Data Centre. The range and number of businesses using them alongside the nature of their design means Data Centres play a fundamental role in providing business with a stable, reliable, and most importantly, secure foundation.

If a Data Centre experiences an outage, it can cost businesses millions. That’s why disaster avoidance and recovery design is one of the most crucial aspects considered when a Data Centre is built. Generally, the uptime of a Data Centre can be categorised in the following tiers:

Tier I – availability of 99.671%
Tier II – availability of 99.741%
Tier III – availability of 99.982%
Tier IV – availability of 99.995%

What Data Centre solutions and services can Cloud Technologies provide?

We provide Data Centre solutions for all businesses, whether you’re seeking additional service, moving away from your existing Data Centre, or exploring them as an option for the first time. With multiple Data Centres located within UAE, we can provide you with the infrastructure and security that you need.