Almost all businesses need a secure, robust, and fast network to survive. Using Enterprise equipment, Cisco networks transform your infrastructure to offer reliability with scalability. Yet ensuring your equipment and Cisco Network are configured in accordance with best practice requires proficient knowledge and expertise. Luckily, Cloud Technologies provides Cisco Network Consulting services in Dubai and throughout the UAE, designed to make your business better.

Cisco Network Consulting continues to stand at the heart of our services. We are not only Cisco accredited suppliers, but our Consulting Services can also give you access to Cisco trained and certified engineers, experts, and designers. Together, we can advise, design, maintain, repair, upgrade, and extend.


What Cisco Network Consulting Services do we Provide?

We offer Consulting for…

Cisco Firewalls, Routers, and Switches

Just like the locks on our houses, firewalls are a first line of defence for security against network-based threats to your organisation. Alongside routers and switches, they play a vital role in your business as core components of any Network. Our Consulting service can put you ahead of the game by addressing potential risks and ensuring the overall configuration is correctly set up.

Cisco Network Design

Designing a Cisco Network is a complicated task. Our experienced Cisco Networking consultants analyse your IT infrastructure requirements independently in order to determine the ideal network for your business.

Load Balancing and Advanced Cisco Consultancy

Sharing the Network load (also known as traffic) is a more efficient way to transport data across your network. Doing so can lead to improvements in performance and reliability and can often constitute a form of resilience. Cloud Technologies provides advice and recommendations as well as performing setups to specification with full implementation testing. Optional ongoing monitoring and support services can also be provided upon request.


In the case of an unexpected incident or failed hardware, you want your IT services to continue operating and remain available. Our knowledge and expertise can help prevent or minimise severe outages.

Maintenance and upgrades

Regular maintenance and budgeting for upgrades are key components to a working and trouble-free Network. Our Cisco Network Consulting Service in the UAE can help create a plan for Maintenance and Upgrades, while Cloud Technologies is always on-hand if you’d prefer to outsource support and maintenance.

Here at Cloud Technologies, our engineers not only monitor equipment for Cisco networks, but also watch over any third-party services required by your network. For more information, get in touch today.