Microsoft Azure is an excellent platform which offers hundreds of different services to enhance business processes. These range from building, deploying and managing applications to Azure hosting services and even data storage. Yet so many options can feel overwhelming, and knowing where to start can be bewildering. With our Microsoft Azure Consulting available in Dubai and throughout the UAE, we can set you on the right path to success.

Azure Services We Provide:


Azure Efficiency

As with most things, cost remains a factor of consideration with Azure. That’s why we work with our customers to find the best value. This may be through finding sizable discounts, as can be the case with Reserved Instances and Azure Hybrid Benefit, or by increasing the efficiency of Microsoft Azure to make it better value for money.

Azure Consulting Compute Services

Our Microsoft Azure Consulting team has the experience and skills to help you with all aspects of your compute needs. Whether it’s the design and deployment of a Virtual Machine or Azure Virtual Desktop deployments, our consultants are always on hand to help advise and setup to your requirements.

Azure Subscriptions

While flexible, the default pay-as-you-go pricing subscription can be an expensive way to use Azure. In many cases, a CSP Azure subscription may be better suited, but it’s important to consider the series of usage meters Azure uses to calculate billing on a monthly basis, which can be costly. Our consultants can take a look at the efficiency of your Azure Subscription to make sure you’re using what’s best for you in order to save you money.

Azure Security Consulting

Continually reviewing and checking that the best security practices are being met means our consultants can offer targeted advice on areas needing improvement. We can even implement the necessary security method to enhance your security, including:

Azure Hybrid

We are well-versed in integrating with on-premise systems. Whether it’s extending the internal network into Azure with an Azure Virtual Network using a site-to-site VPN, or something more elaborate, implementing a Hybrid Solution is easy in our experienced hands.

Whether you’re starting out with Azure or moving services across or whether you require Microsoft Consulting Services or ongoing support for your UAE based company, we’re here to help. With our expertise, we can assist you in building, implementing, and managing your Azure services in the most cost-effective and effective way there is.