Looking to change technologies or amend, shutdown, or remove existing infrastructures? If so, you’re probably considering a Data Migration so that you can transfer your existing historical data to its new home.

What is the process of a Data Migration?

It may seem straightforward, but the process of events necessary to perform a Data Migration requires knowledge and expertise. To reliably deliver a successful migration project without fault requires a high level of skill to perform each stage of the process, including preparation, post-migration tasks, backups, testing, and validation.


Types of Data Migrations

Here at Cloud Technologies, we perform all different forms of Data Migrations for businesses throughout the UAE, whether it be File Storage Data, databases, or application data.

File Storage Data Migration

In business, transferring data from one storage media to another is not uncommon. It’s frequently needed when hardware is being upgraded to increase storage, technology is changed from one solution to another (e.g., on premises to cloud), or data is being archived for clean-ups, mergers, and acquisitions.

Database Migrations

In many businesses, there is a requirement to have a database to help with data processing operations. Most likely, applications such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, SWL Express or other forms on non-SQL apps will be used. Yet as time passes, vendors remove support, software reaches end of life, licensing requirements change, and hardware becomes old, outdates, or fails. When this happens, the need for a Database Migration is realised.

Application Data Migrations

The process of moving an application program from one environment to another often creates challenges. This can be due to bespoke software being unsupported by the vendor, compatibility issues, or a lack of advanced testing meaning the vendor doesn’t know if applications will run on the latest operating systems.

Cloud Technologies can help companies based in Dubai, as well as other emirates, with Data Migrations alongside our offerings in Email, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Server Migrations. If you need help with your Migration Project, please contact us today.