How can I tell the difference between a merger, an acquisition, and a takeover?

Merger: Two separate businesses combine forces. They either extend their business, or create an entirely new one.
Acquisition: One business buys most or all of another companies shares to add to their existing portfolio.
Takeover: A business takes or acquires control of another business without the agreement of the owner and often without cordial relations.
Mergers and acquisitions present unique challenges for UAE businesses, particularly in the realm of IT. Explore how Cloud Technologies can assist in these scenarios.


Key areas to consider for mergers and acquisitions

IT Mergers

IT Mergers require precision and planning in order to escape major issues. Cloud Technologies ensures that all systems, accounts, and processes are accounted for. We then analyse these to consider multiple eventualities which could result in issues and formulate a meticulous plan to overcome any anticipated hurdles.

IT Acquisitions

While similar to a Merger, acquisitions are different and may have additional requirements to run the business during and after. We can help your business design, plan, and project manage any IT acquisition, no matter the size.

Cloud Technologies offer services in Dubai and all over the UAE, which are specifically designed for IT Mergers and Acquisitions. With our experienced engineers specialising in Office 365 MigrationsEmail MigrationsData Migrations and Server Migrations you can be sure that you have the right team on the job.