Here at Cloud Technologies, we have worked with Dell EMC and HP for many years and favour them as our preferred partners for whom we provide a Server Procurement service within the UAE.

These vendors produce high-quality, reliable Servers. They also offer the advantage of complete customisation of:

  • Processors
  • Memory
  • Internal Storage
  • Network Adapters
  • Power Supply
  • Operating System
  • User Cals
  • Remote Management
  • Warranty/Support

Please get in touch with our Dubai based team to discuss your requirements. We can either custom spec a design to match your budget and business requirements or find the best possible price for a pre-selected specification.

Dell Servers Procurement

The Dell EMC PowerEdge range comes in both Rack mountable and Tower Servers. This means you can be confident in finding a Dell Server that has the necessary spec to be suitable for your business.

Rack servers: Designed to be installed within a rack, Dell EMC PowerEdge Rack Mountable Servers range in size from 1U to 5U and with a choice of one, two, or four sockets (CPUs). With such variety, Dell PowerEdge Rack Servers deliver high core density for your business, applications, virtualization and cloud-native workloads.

Tower Servers: You can choose either a Single or Dual socket Dell Tower Server.

Popular with starting companies and designed for core office workloads, a single socket (1 CPU) tower server offers a cost-effective, entry level solution.

By contrast, a Dual-socket (2 CPUs) tower servers can offer high performance and speed which facilitates scalability to those features your business wishes to use.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) ProLiant Server Procurement

Just like Dell, HP ProLiant Servers come in both Rack Mountable and Tower form with customisable options based on your business needs.

Rack Servers Available in ProLiant DL, XL, Apollo, and Superdome Flex range, HPE Rack Mountable Servers range in size from 1U to 4U, offering diverse server computing through Generation 10 and Generation 10Plus.

Tower Servers in the HP ProLiant MicroServer and ML range similarly come in a single-socket (1 CPU) or dual-socket (2CPU) option.

Single-socket tower servers offer a cost-effective entry-level solution. Starting businesses often prefer this option designed for core office workloads.

Dual-socket tower servers offer higher performance and speed to their one-socket counterparts. This enables increased scalability to the features your business may wish to use.