What is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft Office 365 is so much more than the famous Office Suite starring Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and the like. It’s also a subscription-based service, offering many plans with many different products therein. With a range of subscription plans designed so that you can assign a single or multiple subscription plan to users, a Microsoft Office 365 subscription means you can adapt functionality as per your business needs without limiting or providing more than necessary functionality. This helps with ongoing costs. Given the variety of plans on offer, including Person and family Plans, Business Plans, Enterprise Plans and Educational Plans, there’s sure to be a plan that meets your requirements out there. 


Cloud Technologies are recognised Cloud Solution Providers (CSPs) in the UAE, we provide support services on a daily basis. This means we have a wealth of experience in procuring Office 365 subscriptions and a deep understanding of the technologies.

We procure Microsoft Office 365 licensing through New Commerce Experience (NCE), whereby customers are committed to a 12-month subscription. Payments can be billed monthly or annually, with the latter benefitting from a guaranteed price for the entire 12-month term. When Microsoft launches their 36-month subscription, we will subsequently introduce this to our offering.

What services does Microsoft Office 365 Host?

More businesses in Dubai and other emirates become dependent on these technologies each day. Due to their inbuilt functionality with communication and collaboration platforms, it’s sometimes necessary to purchase additional licencing to use many of these technologies. This can unlock the full variety of features.

Pricing and Comparison for Core Subscriptions

Microsoft 365 for Business
Microsoft 365 Enterprise
Microsoft 365 Frontline