It’s important to replace your business workstations when necessary to maintain employee productivity. Many businesses assume a lifespan of 4 to 5 years for their workstations and factor this estimation into their budgeting. It’s commonly thought that laptops have a shorter life span than desktops, as their transportable nature sees them exposed to dust, debris, knocks, drops, and accidental damage on a daily basis.

Cloud Technologies is located in Business Bay Dubai, we offer an office workstation procurement service throughout the UAE. Designed for businesses wanting to purchase 2 or more workstations, our service is ideal for both businesses who know exactly what make and model they’re looking for as well as those who require some guidance in getting the highest possible spec for their budget.


As well as our office procurement service, as an IT Support Company, we can also assist in getting you set up and offer ongoing IT Support.

Why would a business choose to get a new workstation?

What should I consider for office workstation procurement?

Should I get a Desktop or Laptop?

Desktops can be recommended if you’re looking for a lower-cost option. Their size, heat output, and power consumption also make them more powerful than laptops, and they’re upgradable if you wish to increase spec.

However, it’s important to consider the static nature of desktops and the additional space they require. This is particularly true after the peripherals (monitor, keyboard, mouse) have been purchased – which is also an additional cost. 

Ultra or Super TowerFull TowerMid-TowerMini TowerSFF (Small Form Factor)
Physical Size27” (68cm) or more22” (55cm) or more18” (48cm) or more14” (35cm) or moreA few inches or less
MotherboardsAll SizesATX or smallerATX or smaller Micro ATX / Mini ITXNano or Pico ITX

Meanwhile, laptops are much smaller with an inbuilt screen, keyboard and desktop; they are also extremely portable, meaning users can work from almost anywhere.

However, this mobility comes hand-in-hand with a greater risk of theft and damage, which is particularly troublesome given the higher expense of laptops. Furthermore, the reliance on batteries can hinder performance and the battery itself can become unpredictable over time. Additionally, laptops are generally not upgradable.

In summary, both desktops and laptops have advantages and disadvantages. The decision of which is better suited to you depends entirely on the environment of your UAE business and the employee’s job role. For further guidance or more information, please get in touch with a member of our team today.