Your internet connection and speed are crucial determinants of how well you can run your business in the UAE or anywhere else. It’s essential to ensure that your internet connection can sufficiently cater for your entire office. Cloud Technologies can help you evaluate network and internet needs. An internet connection speed consists of two things:

  • Download speed, or the speed at which your internet connection can retrieve data from the internet
  • Upload speed, or the speed at which your internet connection can send data over the internet.

The type of business you run and the number of users and devices you serve will determine what speed you need.


Assessing the internet speed.

While you may be familiar with the internet speed you’ve used previously, it may be difficult to determine what speed you’ll need when starting a new office, expanding, or relocating. To help you ensure that your speeds are sufficient, we can help review and evaluate your internet and network speeds to find the right balance for your budget.

What about the network?

Having fast download and upload speeds is one thing, but it can’t counteract a poor network. If your network equipment is insufficient or improperly setup to handle the connection and transmit data effectively, your business will not be as efficient as it could be.

How can Cloud Technologies help evaluate internet needs?

Cloud Technologies, based in Dubai also provide services throughout the UAE, can help you to evaluate your internet speeds and your network needs. Our knowledge and experience means you can trust that your internet connection will deliver sufficient bandwidth across all devices quickly, efficiently and securely. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today for more information.