It’s never easy to move to a new office within the UAE or any other country/city. With so many tasks, considerations, and dependencies, ensuring your office is ready to facilitate your business with a fully functional IT infrastructure can feel like an additional chore. Yet it’s a task that should be prioritized, and, wherever possible, result in a new office site audit being carried out.

Why conduct a new office site audit?

  • Evaluate requirements
  • Determine Problems
  • Access the systems and technologies that will be used in the new office
  • Identify opportunities and improvements

After performing an onsite Audit on your new office, Cloud Technologies delivers a detailed report giving you peace of mind that the prerequisites for your new office to house your IT needs have been thoroughly reviewed. You can rest assured that all the potential issues that could creep up when you move in have already been thought of and prevented.

Key categories of the audit:

Other new office IT services

Cloud Technologies can assist with your new office site audit and office move in Dubai or elsewhere in the UAE, as well as provide assistance with the setup of your network, procurement services, and ongoing IT support.

If you’re looking to move office and would like a quote for Cloud Technologies to perform a new office onsite audit for all your IT needs, please get in contact with us today and a member of our team will be happy to assist.