Starting a new business in the UAE comes with a lot of headaches. The last thing you want to think about is an outage, but no matter how much you try to put it out of your mind, sometimes things happen outside your control. When they do, it helps to have a plan in place for if the worst should happen. This is known as an Office Disaster Recovery Plan, or a DR Plan.

A DR Plan is a formal document created by a business which contains detailed instructions on how and what to do to resume work quickly in the event of unplanned incidents.


What are the benefits?

An Office DR Plan:

Disaster Recovery Planning isn’t just for large and enterprise companies. Every company benefits by having a DR plan available, no matter the size or industry. It’s always best to implement one as soon as possible, so that if disaster strikes, you’re prepared.

Why do I need to have an Office Disaster Recover Plan?

DR Plan may be needed for various reasons, including:

We believe it’s essential for every Dubai and UAE business to have an Office DR Plan. Whether you’re embarking on your journey and have just signed your first user or are a well-established business with thousands, the risk of the unplanned remains. We can help you to design and plan the steps needed to get going again if your mission-critical services go down with our effective business continuity planning.

If you want to plan to recover after an incident as quickly and efficiently as possible, get in contact with us today.