Think testing a new network is a one and done job? Think again. Testing isn’t as simple as running a quick test after full deployment, identifying issues, and fixing them. To maintain a well performing network without vulnerabilities or gaping holes in security requires an element of upkeep. Doing so while adhering to best practices requires time and knowledge.

Are you relocating offices or setting up a new business in the UAE?

Our network consultant can review your network setup as you do so. This provides countless benefits, not least identifying misconfiguration, firewalls with open access, or performance and resilience issues. It can also monitor issues and even pinpoint cybersecurity vulnerabilities.


What goes into testing a new network?


If a network is incorrectly configured, the impact can be vast. It may be something as simple as denied access, or it could be as overwhelming as planned outages, unauthorised access, or data loss. In the worst case scenario, it could mean full takeover of your infrastructure or ransomware. By testing, we can prevent this.


Connection problems with networks normally result in reduced performance. This is noticeable by users. Often, the outcome of network performance is due to a piece of hardware or a misconfiguration with the software. A stable and working infrastructure relies on the performance of your network, so ensuring it’s up to scratch through testing is important to nip issues in the bud.


A resilient network which can withstand disruption to service is essential to enable users to continue their work. If it’s done correctly, users shouldn’t even be aware that there was or is a problem. This is what every company dreams of, yet these dreams are unfulfilled when resiliency servers are left unchecked for years after their set-up. Even if companies include resilience testing as part of their DR planning, issues are only discovered when they start to cause a problem, rather than proactively through our testing.


There are many benefits to having a single, comprehensive overview of alerts and notifications. Most importantly, it aids with troubleshooting and health statuses, but it can also identify security threats and attacks. Monitoring services are a must for any UAE business which is keen to avoid disruption.

If you’d like to test a new network or find out how secure your existing network is, Cloud Technologies based in Dubai, is here to provide you with the right expertise to perform full testing and recommend any necessary improvements.