We begin our IT setup for a new business solution with the simple step of engaging with an initial introduction phone call.

Scheduled at a time convenient for you, one of our technical consultants will lead the call. We understand the differing levels of technical proficiency among individuals, and as a result, ensure our consultants adapt the conversation appropriately to help you understand every technical concepts. It’s our goal for our service to exceed your expectations and you to walk away fully confident in your choice to speak to our Dubai based Cloud Technologies team. If you happen to learn something while doing so, that’s an added bonus!

During the call, we will assess your IT requirements to ensure everything is considering. While the foundations of an IT setup for a new business incorporate a similar initial design, no two companies will have the exact same requirements. This is particularly true in certain industries which use or have different, non-standard requirements. As such, we take care to adapt each IT setup to each individual business by assessing your requirements.


What should I expect from my first call?

The call is structured as following:

Understanding the business basics

Technical Conversation Discussing:

Non-technical conversations discussing: 

Closing Summary