One of the most important areas of your IT is the set of programs used for common productivity tasks such as writing, sending, and receiving emails and letters as well as creating spreadsheets. This set up can all be completed with the emails and office packages.

Microsoft emails

Microsoft Exchange is Microsoft’s cloud-based platform which has been developed for emailing purposes for multiple users as well as calendaring services, including contact storage facilities and scheduling appointments and meetings with reminders. What’s more, its built-in collaboration features mean you can easily share mailboxes, create groups, manage other users’ calendars, and have a generic business address book which shares all contacts between users in your business.

Our well-chosen email packages mean your emails can be accessed with ease from Microsoft Outlook on your desktop, laptop, or mobile phone via the app. It can also be accessed via a web browser (this is known as webmail) or the built-in mail client on your mobile phone from inside the UAE or anywhere in the world.


Microsoft Office packages

Microsoft Office offers a suite of applications which is ideal for both your emails and office package. Budgeting for this package is simple with a single yearly subscription which can be paid for upfront or monthly. This subscription-based model has the added benefit of entitling you to any new upgrades or version releases with no additional cost.

If your business has under 300 users, Cloud Technologies incorporate the Microsoft 365 Business Premium subscription as standard to the IT Setup for New Business solution. This gives you:

Cloud Technologies are Microsoft Partners, we deliver Microsoft technologies, to businesses throughout the UAE. Should you have any questions regarding emails and office packages contact our team and we will be happy to discuss your options.