The implementation plan for an IT setup for a new business is no different to any form of strategic planning. It includes multiple actions to be met.

Our service for IT Setups for new businesses in the UAE begins these actions with an initial call on assessing your IT Setup requirements. After discussing your IT Setup in depth with you, we will provide you with a formal quote. Once accepted, we move to the next phase of designing an implementation plan covering all necessary objectives in an organised structure. Complete with a timeframe plan, we’ll agree a desired date for the project to be delivered.


How does the initial IT implementation work?

As part of the initial implementation, we will allocate to you a Technical Consultant. They’ll be your primary point of contact during the duration of the project and will work in close partnership with you to provide progress updates and answer any questions. We’ll also provisionally book a Go Live date.

We then design an initial implementation plan which will be shared with you for review. Once agreed, we begin working to deliver the project.

If, at a later date, you wish to revisit the scope of this plan to include additional services, your Technical Consultant will work with you to identify any needed amendments.

If there is a need to source and procure IT equipment or prep and fit internet circuits to your office, we will work to a provisional Go Live date. This will only be officially set once third parties have provided their service. In some circumstances, a provisional date may need revision if third party vendors are unable to deliver or action within an originally quoted time frame. While regrettable, the dependencies on third parties delivering their agreed service are entirely outside of Cloud Technologies control. In these scenarios, we ensure that the project is delivered as soon as possible to the next most convenient date once the third party have delivered their service.