Ensuring your internet and network are designed to accommodate your business is one of the most fundamental parts of setting up a new business IT infrastructure.

Internet services

When you run a business in the UAE or any other place, you need an internet connection (also known as a Broadband Service). Here at Cloud Technologies, we’ve worked with many internet service providers (ISPs), yet we refrain from promoting the same ISP to all new businesses. Why? A broadband service can differ greatly from one location to the next and is dependent on several circumstances, all of which can limit speed and quality of service. Instead, we work to find the right ISP for you and your business, whether you are based in Dubai or other emirates.


Typically, businesses choose one of the following broadband services.

We work with you to identify the best broadband service for your business.

Office Networking

There are multiple aspects to consider when it comes to office networking, including:

This list can often leave you feeling perplexed. All any business owner wants is a robust, secure, and resilient network that performs well for the right price. Yet what does this mean in practice? This completely depends on the business sector you work in and the extent of the impact an outage could cause to your business.

We scope and design a network for you following one simple conversation where we ask questions in non-technical language. Cloud Technologies then provides you with a network tailored solely for your business that will deliver the internet and networking that you need.