Many UAE Enterprise companies strive for resilient infrastructures. Often, these bring additional complexity, with the network itself and then the rolling out to various systems, workstations, services, and servers. With larger businesses, there’s an increased dependency on optimised and reliable IT. As the size and complexity of the task grows, the knowledge needed to provide adequate IT Support for Enterprise businesses does too.

The stability of IT is paramount for large Enterprise businesses. When Enterprise businesses face IT outages, there is often much more of an impact than that faced by an SMB (Small and Midsize Business). More staffs are affected and left unable to work, while the cost implications are likely to be higher and the damage to the business’ reputation greater. Additionally, the customer impact is likely to be enormous with more customers facing disruption.  


IT Support for Enterprise Businesses is undertaken in one of three ways:

Internal Department

While you may feel happy with the way your Internal IT Department works, you may find yourself pondering the following questions…

The answers? A resounding yes! Speak with our team today to find out how we can help improve you IT Support.

Outsourced Company

Perhaps you already outsource your IT or are taking your first steps on the journey to outsourcing. Here at Cloud Technologies, our support help desk provides a personal, tailored experience to each of our Enterprise businesses clients in the UAE. We deliver a proficient service which caters for every Enterprise Business IT Support Requirement.

Internal Department collaborating with an Outsourced IT Company?

Sometimes, there’s just not enough hours in the day for your Enterprise Business IT Department to get through its to-do list. If you find your work backing up and your projects taking a backseat, speak to us to explore how joining forces can deliver the service you need to get back on track.