Infrastructure as a Service replaces the need for on-premise resources by providing compute, memory, storage, networking and other related software (such as an Operating System or databases) as a cloud service. It’s frequently used for Software Development and testing, hosting websites, and big data analysis. 

Whether you’re starting up a new business in the UAE without the budget for new equipment, approaching maximum capacity for your IT but needing to implement new projects or services, or are an established business looking to pay only for the resources you need, Infrastructure as a Service could be ideal for you.


Benefits of IaaS:

Overview of Infrastructure as a Service

IaaS offers many advantages to businesses. Among the most desirable is the scalability and speed of deployment.

Despite the infrastructure being managed and maintained in the background, you retain complete control over the services you choose to run on the IaaS. If you find that you need to increase resources such as CPUs, Disk Space, or Memory, this can be easily achieved.

IaaS – Managed for youYou Manage
ServersOperating System

Whether through a third party such as Microsoft Azure or AWS, or via our own Private Cloud hosting, Cloud Technologies located in Business Bay Dubai, can help you with an IaaS solution. Please contact us to let us know your exact requirements.