If you run a business in the UAE or anywhere in the world, you almost certainly have IT equipment. But can you honestly say that you have a complete and accurate inventory of all the equipment that you possess? What about a full overview of where it’s located, which users have which devices, or even when warranties will expire? Improper management of your IT equipment can cost you time and money in the long run while posing an immediate risk to the security of your business. If you can’t answer ‘yes’ to all the questions above, it might be time to consider IT Asset Management (ITAM).


IT Asset Management is a tool designed for various purposes, but is primarily intended to provide you with a full inventory of all your business IT Assets. This often contains full details such as make, model, spec, purchase date, serial numbers, warranty details etc as well as the location and who it is assigned to (if applicable). Using an IT Asset Management tool correctly not only helps business’ IT departments with deployments, maintenance and upgrades, but also helps a business manage its budgets, obtain leavers equipment, and prepare for audits.

What is an IT asset?

The hardware or software which is being used to run the IT infrastructure for your business is an IT asset. This includes:

– Desktop Computers
– Keyboards
– Laptop Computers
– Mice
– Mobile Phones
– Monitors
– Physical Servers
– Printers
– Scanners
– Tablets
– TVs
– Virtual Servers
– Firewalls
– Load Balancers
– Modules & Accessories
– Network Attached Storage (NAS)
– Network Controllers
– Routers
– Storage Attached Network (SAN)
– Switches
– Wireless Access Points
– Any Licences
– Any Software
– Any Subscriptions
– Device CALs
– User CALs

Cloud Technologies are based in Dubai but work with companies all over the UAE. We can help you set up your own IT Asset Management solution that can obtain real-time data on software which has been deployed and identify security vulnerabilities for essential Update Management. Depending on your business requirements and which assets you need, it’s even possible to automate devices to enrol straight into your IT Asset Management tool without the need to even click a button.