Downtime and outages can be frustrating. This is even truer when they are severe, happen during business hours, or represent a significant cost for your business. Yet have you ever wondered if they could have been prevented?

Sometimes, problems lie in wait for a while without you knowing. Without due monitoring and alerts, they can be a ticking time bomb. That’s why monitoring your IT infrastructure is a must for all UAE business.

With monitoring software tools, you can constantly check for issues such as infrastructure problems, poor performance, and IT management red flags. This enables your business to tackle issues proactively rather than reactively after they explode.

It’s possible to view alerts and notifications from your monitoring software tools directly in the tool itself, as an email, or even as an SMS. This overview ensures that the right people in your business are notified of potential issues well in advance.


What are the benefits of using IT Monitoring and Alerting?

What can you monitor?

Network Infrastructure

Security and Network Control Devices

Wireless Infrastructure

Servers, Appliances and workstations

Storage Infrastructure

UPS and Power Distribution

Remote Access Management


Whether you’re looking to implement an in-house Monitoring and Alerts solution or would like to outsource to our Support Helpdesk located in Dubai to monitor on your behalf, we’re here to help. Please get in touch today.