One of the most fundamental components used within a business, servers provide functionality for a variety of key services and applications. Many UAE businesses today still have physical and virtual servers located on-premise. That being said, it’s increasingly common for businesses to migrate to the cloud using either hybrid technology or Public and Private cloud hosting solutions.
Yet regardless of the Server location, a server management still requires monitoring and maintenance in order to operate reliably and at optimal performance levels.


Not looking for full IT Support of users, devices, and your entire infrastructure? Whether you want the full works or Server Management only, we’re here to help. Here at Cloud Technologies, we provide a Server Management solution as standard within all of our IT Support contracts, including our entry-level Silver tier.

Offering so much more than just monitoring, our Server Management solution incorporates four key areas designed to maximise performance and eliminate server slowdowns and downtime.

Our Server Management service includes:

Hardware Management

Server Software Management



If your servers are approaching end of life, and you’re looking to implement or begin using Hybrid technology or migrate to the cloud, we can help. Our team of proactive and certified experts based in Dubai and working all over the UAE, are on hand to provide these services and maximise your business efficiency. Simply get in touch with a member of our team today to see how we can help you with your Server Management!