Unforeseen circumstances such as data corruption, viruses, cyber-attacks, and simple human error can happen to any business. That’s why we strongly encourage all UAE businesses to take preventative measures in the form of a backup solution to keep your business safe. Microsoft Azure Backups is a secure and cost-effective inbuilt service that protects your data from ransomware attacks and enables quick recovery of lot data whenever you need it.


Azure Backup protects your business and your cloud, boasting the benefits of:

Finally, a crucial benefit of Azure Backup is the wide range of content that it supports, as demonstrated in the table below.

What can I back up?

Backup TypeDescription of Backup
Azure BlobsAzure Blobs containing unstructured data
Azure Database for PostgreSQL serversBackup Azure PostgreSQL databases. These are then retained for as long as 10 years
Azure Files sharesAzure File shares to a storage account
Azure Managed DisksAzure Managed Disks
Azure VMsUsing extensions, it is possible to back up entire Windows/Linux VMs. You can also r back up files, folders, and system state using the Microsoft Azure Recovery Services (MARS) agent
On-premisesBackup files, folders, system state using the MARS agent
SAP HANA databases in Azure VMsBackup SAP HANA databases running on Azure VMs
SQL Server in Azure VMsBackup SQL Server databases running on Azure VMs

Need a helping hand in securing your business with Azure Backup? Our Dubai based team is ready to help you select and set up the best solution to protect your cloud environment and implement a professional Azure Backup Policy.