Relocation to pastures new often signals a period of growth, with exciting times in store as your business continues to evolve. During these times, relocating the fundamentals of your IT infrastructure in line with the very best practice in IT security is of paramount importance to the ultimate success of the move. Cloud Technologies is here to help. We provide a comprehensive, in-depth Security Audit to detect and identify potential vulnerabilities in the system, alongside a report and quote to implement the recommendations we identify. You can explore more of how we do so below.

Cybersecurity and best practice are essential to protect both your UAE business and your users. Securing your infrastructure is of particular importance during a relocation, where new vulnerabilities can often be found and exploited. To reduce the possibility of a breach, contact Cloud Technologies for more information on an IT Security Audit today.



The steps of our IT Security Audit

Obtain information

You can choose whether you’d prefer your IT Security Audit to be completed remotely or onsite. Whichever you choose, our consultant will work with you to understand how your business currently operates as well as the intricacies of your current infrastructure and technologies.

Performing the IT Security Audit

After gathering the necessary information, our consultant will conduct an audit, scanning your infrastructure multiple times to check the systems to identify any flaws, vulnerabilities, or potential issues. We scan for all risk levels against a variety of criteria to perform a thorough audit.

Assess and Report

We then review the findings of our audit in line with industry best practices, our understanding of your business, and our professional expertise. Based on this, you will be provided with a complete report including all information broken down into key areas. It will include our recommendations alongside a quote for Cloud Technologies to resolve any issues identified.


The consultant returns to explore the IT Security Audit report with you and answer any remaining questions you may have. Following the discussion, you will have the opportunity to assign our Dubai based team the work to rectify any security concerns identified in the audit.