Here at Cloud Technologies, we provide our very own outsourced IT Support service in the UAE offering an abundance of benefits. As the evolution of technology continues to outpace the ability of internal IT departments to learn, internal gaps in knowledge or experience become apparent. The choice to turn to the experts and outsource grows ever more popular as a result. But what are the other benefits outsourced IT can offer?

Productivity and Security

To start, outsourcing your IT Support could increase the productivity of your business and reduce your risk of network failure. It also helps you stay compliant with certification and legislation, as well as improving overall business security.


Lowered risk

Often, internal IT is reactive rather than proactive. Yet a reactive fix isn’t always the best solution. When you outsource your IT, problems are identified before they arise, meaning a fix can be implemented with advance thought and planning and the risk to your business is lowered.

Representation to your UAE business

Sometimes, you just need a Subject-Matter Expert to represent your business at a meeting with a third party company. If you simply don’t have the manpower or time to cover one-off or recurring instances, a representative can help. We deal with any IT related questions, take notes on your behalf, and also provide professional consultancy services.

Internal IT Combined with Outsourced IT

Is your business growth outstripping your ability to manage your internal IT requirements? Do you find yourself postponing your critical projects and updates month after month? If so, outsourcing your IT can be a superb way to free up your valuable time. Instead of struggling to keep on top of your IT, your internal IT department can support your projects while we take care of the day-to-day user support.

End User Support

Perhaps you have multiple users, or many users who work from a temporary location. You may even find yourself struggling to recruit the perfect IT professional to your team. Whatever the case, we have the engineers for you who will help provide support and assistance, be it part-time or temporary, onsite or internal.

Remote hands

We know that one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is having just one person to manage an array of staff, workstations, and networking equipment across multiple offices. Luckily, outsourcing your IT means you can face this challenge head on. With the benefit of Remote Hands Support, you can focus on your core business functionality while we make sure our IT systems stay running and can keep up with your business growth.

Reduced cost

As your business grows, your IT needs will become increasingly complex. Naturally, this translates to more time required to internally manage IT operations and the potential need to expand your IT department. Yet hiring the necessary skills required to support your business can be expensive, not to mention time-consuming.

In these situations, there’s an easy and strategic fix. As a dedicated IT support company, Dubai based Cloud Technologies has years of experience and knowledge alongside an IT Support helpdesk, meaning that if you find a problem you just can’t fix, we probably can.

Want to know more about the benefits of outsourced IT? Contact us today to learn more about what Cloud Technologies can do for you.