Your Dubai based business may already use either an on-premise or cloud-based back up solution that promises to protect your core IT services such as servers or databases. However, it’s important not to overlook the need to use computer backup to secure data that users create.

The evolution from redirected folders to OneDrive known folders, including Desktop, Documents, and Pictures, has somewhat lessened the risk of data loss. Yet this new technology doesn’t account for everything. Have you considered what happens if a user’s laptop is lost, stolen, or simply breaks? What about if they hadn’t signed in to OneDrive recently, or had forgotten to upload their most recent project?  Occasionally, entire unique paths can be left unsupported.


Why does this matter?

It’s tempting to dismiss computer backups as the responsibility of the user, but the reality is they’re just as important to your business as other core IT services. Without a strong solution in place, your UAE business is at risk to significant data loss.

Cloud Technologies can provide you with a cloud-based Computer Backup solution in Dubai and all the UAE that enables all company desktops and laptops to be backed up, meaning that if the worst happens, all data stored on the hard drive remains accessible.

This solution will be tailored to your business’ specific requirements. Whether you’re looking to back up a single file, the whole drive, or wish to leave certain files or paths untouched, our cloud-based Computer Backup is fully customisable. This includes the ability to schedule the Computer Backup frequency, implement any desired blackout windows in line with your retention policies, and select additional backups such as on-premise, Exchange Online, OneDrive, SharePoint, or Microsoft Teams. Whatever your business need is, Cloud Technologies team can help.