With new features added regularly, Microsoft 365 Defender is continuously evolving. A cloud-based tool, it is an enterprise security solution available as Defender for Endpoint Plan 1, or Defender for Endpoint Plan 2.

Plan 1 offers a high-level security overview of all your enrolled endpoints running Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. This includes information relating to threats and vulnerabilities. It provides a single centralized configuration and management which enables your UAE business to easily identify and proactively manage and resolve any risks.

Plan 2 offers the above with the addition of advanced threat protection by detecting, investigating, and responding to threats which pass the first level of security checks.

Plan 1Plan 2
Unified security tools and centralized management
Next generation antimalware
Attack surface reduction rules
Device control (e,g USB)
Endpoint firewall
Network Protection
Web control / category-based URL blocking
Device-based conditional access
API’s, SIEM connector, custom TI
Application control
Endpoint detection and response
Automated investigation and remediation
Threat and vulnerability management
Threat intelligence (Threat Analytics)
Sandbox (deep analysis)
Microsoft Threat Experts

What are the benefits?

Microsoft Defender gives full visibility of all installed software alongside a secure score reviewing the set-up of your infrastructure and devices and their alignment with Microsoft best practice and exposure threats. Combined, this provides an easy-to-use assessment of identified vulnerabilities and a list of recommendations to make your administration more efficient. Remember, you can only protect yourself from issues you know about and Microsoft Defender can provide an early warning system.

But what is Endpoint Detection and Response?

EDR is a cybersecurity technology which detects and responds to cyber threats such as ransomware and malware in real time by continuously monitoring all endpoints within your infrastructure. EDR also collects activity data from these endpoints to analyse threat patterns and identify vulnerabilities on outdated software.

EDR automatically responds to immediate threats. This may be by blocking the application, alerting an administrator, or logging the user out of the device.

How can Cloud Technologies help?

We can implement Microsoft Defender with Endpoint Detection and Response to your business whether you are located in Dubai or anywhere else in the UEA. This improves your business’ security and demonstrates it with an improved Secure Score which showcases your business’ strong up-to-date cybersecurity practices. Contact Cloud Technologies today for more information.