At one point or another, most businesses in Dubai need to perform some sort of migration. Often, this is driven by a business decision to utilise different or newer technologies. Other times, it’s simply that the existing technology, software, or hardware is reaching end of life and is no longer supported. Whatever the reason, it’s safe to say that IT Migrations are often prompted by the thought of the consequences of leaving things as they stand.

Typically, an IT Migration is the movement of data or software (or both) from one platform to another. Intended to improve business functionality, most IT Migrations also reduce IT costs, improve security, consolidate data and services, and bring your business up to date with the latest technologies and best practices.

Level Up Your IT

Experienced IT Migration provider

Cloud Technologies has performed countless migrations over our many years of working in successful partnerships with multiple vendors. This experiences means we can effectively deliver IT Migration Projects to both large and small scale businesses. Whether you have hundreds of users, devices, and equipment spread across multiple offices or just the one, we deliver excellent service to all.

Our IT Migrations team are fully equipped to handle company acquisitions for UAE businesses of all sizes as well as to merge infrastructures to a designed and agreed plan without any downtime.

One highly popular Migration type is from an existing on-premise solution to cloud. This is possible for emails, data, or even a software solution which needs to migrate to Office 365, Microsoft Azure, or another cloud hosting provider.

Looking to change your current IT provider? You can be confident in Cloud Technologies ability to undertake the Migration in a discreet and professional manner, giving you the proficient service you deserve.