Downtimes and outages to your network represent a loss of productivity and profit to your business. They’re frustrating, costly, and in some cases, avoidable. Proper network monitoring and alerting can reduce the likelihood of your business suffering an outage.

What is network monitoring?

Put simply, networking monitoring is the tracking of different elements of a network and its operation. This includes traffic, bandwidth utilisation, uptime and downtime. Network monitoring tools are a critical IT process, detecting network components and endpoints across both hardware and software.


Effective network monitoring tools reduce the time IT Administrators need to repair real-time network performance issues by alerting potential problems before they become an issue through text, email, or a platform-based dashboard. By providing useful reports detailing data and analytics on the status, availability, and performance of every router, switch, firewall, and wireless LAN controller in your business, network monitoring tools further support IT administrators in ensuring the business is running effectively.

What are the benefits of monitoring and alerting for UAE companies?

Experienced in both implementing and managing Network Monitoring and Alerts systems for our clients in Dubai and the whole UAE, Cloud Technologies installs efficient systems quickly and correctly. You can rest assured that your solution works exactly as intended: protecting your networks and keeping them running at their optimum levels.

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